Monday, January 23, 2017

Axim, Ghana (January 23, 2017) LEADING THE AREA WITH A NEW COMPANION

Another great week with a new experience! I have been so blessed to be able to serve three transfers with Elder Jennings.  But, I am growing up on my mission, and it is time that I have a new companion! My new companion's name is Elder Egwu and he is from Nigeria. He is about to go home, so he is a very experienced missionary. He is a super sweet guy, and I am happy to be able to serve with him. I like him a lot, and he has been helping me out a bit since this my first time leading an area! I have been doing a great job, though, at showing him everyone and preparing our day and lessons. It’s because Elder Jennings trained me so well, haha! But, it’s been good so far. I received him on Wednesday night, so we haven't had too much time together yet.  But, we have already been making progress! We have had a couple new lessons with new investigator, and February is going to be a good month. We have some baptisms lined up with investigators look strong and ready! I know that my companion and I are going to be able to work hard and have great success! I want to make this last transfer a good one since it will probably be my last in Axim. Elder Jennings always told me that it is important to "always leave an area better than you found it." So, I will try my best to do just that. Other than that, though, this week we were able to go to President Esson's cassava farm and do a little weeding. I had a lot of fun with that, obviously, and using my cutlass was a blast! My last week was a blast, and I cannot wait for this one! There will be a bunch to tell you about next week! I love and miss you all back home!

--Elder Knecht

Elder Knecht loves his buddies, Elder Rothlisberger and Elder Tuploa.

Elder Knecht's favorite is the Ghanaian children!

Axim Coast

Axim Palm Trees

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