Monday, January 30, 2017

Axim, Ghana (January 30, 2017) FIRST SICKNESS! 

(On his birthday, Jacob got to do one of his favorite activities since childhood, whacking a sword! But, this birthday he got to use a real one!   It couldn't of been a more perfect birthday in the mission field for him!  Also, his first sickness, luckily, was over by then. I've been nervous about him getting sick out there, and I'm grateful it didn't last too long!  Keep him in your prayers about staying healthy! The evening of his birthday he did get the special Ghanaian traditional treat!  I guess they soaked him good with water followed by a nice dousing of flour!  HAHA!  Thanks everyone for all your love, support, and prayers for Elder Knecht!)

Axim, Ghana (January 30, 2017) FIRST SICKNESS! L

So this week was a little rough at first but still an overall good week! The first couple days this week I was really sick, and I felt pretty awful. I honestly don't know what sickness it could have been, but it wasn't fun. Especially traveling to Tarkwa for a zone conference which is a 3 hour tro tro ride. But, I am very grateful for my companion who took really good care of me. Elder Egwu was always making sure I was comfortable and would even go and buy me food or anything I wanted. He's a super sweet guy!

Zone conference was really great also though! President Stevenson and the AP's did a really good job on instructing us on how to make extending commitments more meaningful to our investigators. All of the missionaries were able to take a lot from it. I know I did.

Other than that, though, my companion had to travel to Cape Coast for his "finish strong meeting" since he is going home soon. I got to be in a threesome with some of my favorite missionaries, Elder Rothlisberger and Elder Tupola. It was cool being able to explore their area of Axim, and it was fun being able to help teach some their investigators.

To end this week, since I was feeling much better, we also went farming again. Except, this time we were cutting down huge trees with our cutlasses in the deep jungle! We were supposed to clear everything. It was fun cutting down these huge trees and watching them crush all the smaller trees. I probably had a little too much fun farming because my hand has blisters all over it, but it was worth it! I can’t wait for this new week though! It’ll be a good one! Love you all back home!

-- Elder Knecht

(Pics are of his Tarkwa Zone conference... I teased him about whether he's "sleeping" in the second picture or the camera just caught him blinking.  After reading his letter and hearing how sick he was that day, I figure he was taking a little rest...)

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